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Почему не стоит встречаться с американкой

Оригинал взят у peacetraveler22 в Почему не стоит встречаться с американкой

American women are the worst females in the world. We're fat, ugly, have no sense of style and typically behave as man beasts. We like to gorge ourselves on fatty foods and alcohol, but have no idea how to cook. Our idea of a nice dinner for a man is carry-out from a local restaurant, or throwing something in the microwave. All femininity is lost in the quest for our careers and we constantly emasculate men with our demands for equality. These are the musings of a famous pick-up artist named "Roosh V", who grew up very close to me in Maryland. Now Roosh is a master blogger, creating such genius and noteworthy posts like "As the Pussy Turns," even publishing a book entitled "Bang," which instructs men how to get laid in various parts of the world. His favorite location is Eastern Europe, more specifically Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia...But, his favorite hobby is discussing and dissecting every trait of the horrid American female, like in this video. For those too lazy to watch it, I'll summarize his main points about why American women deserve no attention from men:

(1) We're fat, and fat girls are always unattractive and unworthy of dates or relationships.

(2) We're constantly glued to our smart phones and incapable of human interaction.

(3) A lot of us have short hair, and are too lazy to maintain long, beautiful tresses.

(4) We're impressed by celebrities and not doctors or lawyers.

(5) We listen to stupid magazines and websites to learn how to please men.

(6) We don't know how to cook, and can only use a microwave. Some of us can't even operate the microwave buttons.

(7) We wear flip flops, even when we're not at the beach.

(8) We have condoms in our dressers because we're fully prepared to sleep with random men; however, a man only wants a woman to be a slut for him. No one else.

(9) We acquire pets instead of putting in the time and effort to find a quality man.

(10) We don't know how to be sexy and feminine, only trashy and slutty.

(11) We have standards in men well beyond our level of attractiveness.

(12) We think having a good job and earning our own money makes us a quality woman.

(13) We wear pajamas in public.

(14) We're addicted to brain dead entertainment and watch too much TV.

(15) Our idea of travel is going to the beach or France. We have no concepts of other cultures and no intellectual curiosity.

(16) We have too many trashy tattoos, and look like prison convicts, not women.

(17) We're proud to date many men at the same time.

(18) We do and say dirty things in bed, even the first time we have sex with a man, and generally behave as amateur porn stars.

(19) We lie the first time you get us in bed by saying "I've never done this before...."

(20) On our way home from work, we take off our dress shoes and wear dirty sneakers to walk to the metro.

(21) We like to eat pizza after a night of binge drinking, and then wonder why our asses are so fat.

(22) We care more about maintaining a good career than a good home or family.

(23) We rarely wear high heels.

What do I think when I read this? First, to each their own. As my mom always said, there are plenty of fish in the sea. :) Some of his observations are right, others exaggerated.

I simply laugh at the video, because my position has always remained the same. Beautiful women can be found anywhere in the world, including America, and ideas of beauty and "femininity" are subjective. In my mind, wearing high heels and make-up has absolutely nothing to do with femininity. And, yes, I wear both, but not on a daily basis. What's the purpose of putting on make-up, pounding pavement in uncomfortable high heels and wearing a dress when you're only going to the market for groceries? Women are so desperate for male attention that they spend an hour out of their day to do this? Flip flops are more appropriate, but not pajamas. :)

In America, there's no shortage of men, and women don't feel the need to dress as flashy bait for male hunters. What's the result? We're not so embedded with the neuroses to achieve some unattainable idea of "beauty" and perfection, although all women suffer from these complexes on occasion (including me). More importantly, our self-worth and value aren't solely tied to whether we're married, in a relationship, or have men chasing us at all times. Thus, if you want a woman to simply sit, obey, be silent and nod approvals at your every word or action, an American woman probably isn't for you. Plus, what a boring existence! I don't understand why any man craves it.

There's one good point to his video. It made me think about what "femininity" really is. How do you define it? Perhaps this is impossible, but each person knows it when they see it. Femininity to me is the way a woman carries herself, the gentle look in her eyes, nurturing spirit, soft skin and lips, curves, a smile, the ability to put a man at ease and make him comfortable in a relationship and life. Not put him on the defensive, criticize or question his every action, and constantly demand that he change to transform into the person you wish him to be. These are emasculating actions; not the fact that I pay for my own coffee, rather than having a man do it. To be a provider, it's absolutely a male trait and one that's desired by every woman, including me. This is a necessary and very crucial component for a healthy relationship. However, "providing" also means different things to different people. For me, it has no correlation to money or finances, but rather intellectual stimulation, creativity, artistry, exploration (on all levels), emotional support and adventure. Without these things, no man will ever keep my attention, get my panties wet, or stir wild passion in my soul. With all the jokes about my vibrators, I can also confirm that no electronic toy can replace the feeling or sensation of a man being on top, below or inside me.

In the end, I find it sad that some people's view of "femininity" is tied only to glossy, superficial things. High heels, a painted face, short skirt...these things don't define a woman and I see no value in them if a female has no brains, ambitions, or life experiences other than catering to a man, or being financially supported by him, her entire life. This leads to dependence on unhealthy relationships, as there's no opportunity to leave and care for one's self. Instead, a suffocating trap of misery. It will never be me, and I see no romance in being anyone's slave. I felt this way at 20 years old, and nothing has changed at age 41.

I'm surrounded by men at all times, value the different dynamics they bring to the table, and my closest connections and friendships in life have always been with males, not females. The same is true today. I don't believe women and men are the same, or that they should play the same roles in a relationship. I don't expect many people to understand my viewpoints on this topic, because the cultural differences in gender relations between Americans and Russians is still different.

These general observations about American women have also been repeated about Western European females, Canadians, Australians, basically any woman from a civilized country...and how about you? What's your idea of femininity and, for the men, what female behavior do you find emasculating?

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