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Поросенок Петр


Пора валить? Все об эмиграции.

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Канада будет давать вид на жительство студентам аспирантуры
iamsurvivor wrote in pora_valit
Please see the recent announcement below by the federal government with regards to the Federal Skilled Worker program.

Ottawa expands Federal Skilled Worker Program to include international PhD students: The federal government announced Wednesday it intends to accept up to 1,000 foreign doctoral students annually as permanent residents through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. To be eligible for the program, applicants must have completed at least 2 years of study toward the attainment of a PhD, as well as remain in good academic standing at a provincially recognized PSE institution in Canada. Individuals who have recently graduated from a Canadian PhD program will also be eligible to apply, as long as they do so within 12 months following graduation. The government also announced Wednesday that Canada has welcomed its 10,000th permanent resident through the Canadian Experience Class immigration stream, which offers a pathway to permanent residency for international students and skilled and highly skilled temporary foreign workers. CIC News

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В "Пора валить?" полно полезной информации(15000+ постов), эта инструкция поможет найти то, что вам нужно и интересно. Есть два теперь три основных способа. Первый: У каждого толкового поста есть "тэги", ключевые слова записи. Вот самые практичные тэги в сообществе, их всего три, правда…

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постдока нету в российской системе, т.к. там твердые рабочие контракты у всех

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