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Поступление в миланский университет

Добрый вечер, неделю назад написал в International Medical School (англоязычное отделение медфака миланского университета) по поводу поступления после средне-специального медицинского образования.
И они ответили (письмо под катом), но у меня осталось несколько вопросов -

To be admitted to  the International Medical School, University of Milan, you must have a secondary school diploma or a suitable equivalent foreign qualification.

Enrolment with Italian universities is regulated by the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) in accordance with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

European citizens, non-EU citizens resident in Italy with a current, valid permesso di soggiorno (residence permit) and natives of Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein apply to the university like Italian citizens, submitting their admission application directly to the University, together with the documentation pertaining to their foreign academic qualifications.

Non-EU citizens resident abroad must submit a pre-application request to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence.
Please remember that all non-EU students who obtain a visa for study reasons must apply for a stay permit no later than 8 days after their arrival.

Graduates who wish to apply for a place on a doctoral programme or in a medical specialisation school must adhere to the instructions in the competitive examination announcements.

How to present your application


All the applicants have to pass an admission test, which is scheduled on April 15th.

It is a multiple choice test in English which can be taken once a year at a fixed date. The Score of the exam will be used to rank the candidates and the best ranked are admitted to the course. The number of accepted candidates is limited by the number of places allocated to each Medical school

Basically you are required to answer a total of 80 multiple choice questions in English in 2 hours. The exam is devided in 2 parts:

§  General Knowledge and Logical reasoning (40 questions - 50%) - in this part most of the questions test your problem solving skills, logical thinking, text analysis, graphs and tables interpretation. Also very few questions to test candidate's general knowledge / culture (some remind in their style the TV show "Who wants to be a millionare?")

§  Scientific Knowledge (40 questions - 50%) - in which the student's scientific knowledge will be tested: Biology (18), Chemistry (11), Math & Physics (11).

§  The procedures for the enrollment are different between UE and non-UE citizens resident abroad.

§  Previously, UE citizens where required to send their application usually between mid-July and the end of August to the University of Milan, enclosing School certificate, translated into Italian and legalized by the authorities of the Country issuing the certificate and with the Certificate of Equivalence of Qualification (Dichiarazione di valore).  It will be probably possible to enroll directly to the Cambridge assestments website, but we are still waiting for having a detailed information


§  After passing the test you can apply to have some part of your curriculum recognized and be accepted to the second year according to the evaluation of your curriculum by a special Faculty Commission and according to the availability of sits.

§  For all procedure regarding the enrolment and the documents for the admission test see above.

§   if you need some further information about the documents please send an email to the International student office at

§  We are still waiting from our Minister about procedure and deadline. Please keep surfing on our website , we will publish all the information as soonest.


§  The fee for the test will be probably around 120€.

§  Non-UE citizens resident abroad must submit a pre-application request to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence, to obtain the Visa and Legal Certification of their School curriculum.

Мне не совсем понятно по поводу 15 апреля - в это время я уже должен быть в италии для сдачи вступительных или же только успеть подать документы?
Очень прошу ответить знакомых с процедурой поступления и итальянской образовательной системой.
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